HUM 112 Week 11 Quiz 10 STR

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HUM 112 Week 11 Quiz 10 STR

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HUM 112 Week 11 Quiz 10 STR

Quiz 10

Question 1

How did performance-piece artist Eleanor Antin explore gender definitions and construction?

Question 2

May 4, 1970, why did the National Guard open fire on and kill four Kent State students?

Question 3

Why was Martin Luther King, Jr., arrested and jailed in Birmingham in 1963?

Question 4

Why did the government continue to fund building the F-111 fighter bomber even though it was declared obsolete?

Question 5

Why did some artists such as Robert Smithson begin making site-specific “land art”?

Question 6

What does David P. Bradley expose in his painting Indian Country Today?

Question 7

As described in the chapter’s “Continuity and Change” section, why was Olafu Eliason’s The Weather Project initially criticized as being “mere” entertainment?

Question 8

In his graffiti-inspired Charles the First and other works, why does Jean-Michel Basquiat include a crown?

Question 9

How does Renzo Piano’s Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Center in New Caledonia qualify as “green architecture”?

Question 10

Why did Benoit Mandelbrot reject traditional Euclid geometry for his work with fractals?


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