DeVry HIT 120 Week 7 Course Project Latest

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DeVry HIT 120 Week 7 Course Project Latest

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DeVry HIT 120 Week 7 Course Project Latest 

Course Project: Name of your Organization


DeVry University

HIT 120

Professor’s Name

Course Project: Name of the Organization

Insert your brief introduction here, 2-3 sentences explaining what you are writing about, which facility and system(s) you are discussing in this paper.

Description of “Name of the Selected Healthcare Organization”

In this section, explain in detail the healthcare facility you have chosen. Please refer to the course project guidelines about the actual details – type of facility, ownership, services, accreditation, etc. This usually takes about 1 page, 2 or 3 paragraphs.

Users of Health Information and Access to Health Information

In this section, explain providers in the chosen healthcare organization. You do not need to include the names of people who work there but their positions or roles as healthcare providers. Make sure you also include other roles who may not provide care but still use health information. Last, include external users of health information, depending on your facility. Some examples are insurance companies, Medicare/Medicaid, The Joint Commission, etc. See what applies to your facility and use the detailed course project guidelines to help you with details.

In this section, also include how the users you identified access health information. For example, a doctors may access records differently from the insurance company. This section usually takes about a page.

Details on the Information System

In this section, describe the information system (or systems). Follow the guidelines provided in the course project area and add as many details as possible. In addition to the information you get during the interview, you can also do research. For example, if you spoke with a coder and she said that the system she uses is 3M, you could “google” 3M, go the company website or youtube, and find out more details than you were able to get through the interview. I realize that you may not get answers to all questions asked but try to get as much as possible. Make sure you discuss why the system is beneficial, strengths, and weaknesses. This section should take about 2 pages.

Final Comments and Conclusions

In this paragraph, summarize your paper and also share your learning experience – what you learned by working on this project, interviewing process or research. Sharehow you were able to apply your knowledge, whether the readings and research helped or whether real life discussions at the facility helped you better understand information systems in general, why we use them, their value, and their challenges.


Sayles, N. B. (2013).Health information management technology: An applied approach, (4thed.). Chicago, IL: AHIMA Press.

Add any other references that you use in APA format …. And make sure you list them in alphabetical order.


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